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Leading Provider of stock market data and research solutions for online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, media portals, public companies, and financial service corporations.

We value QuoteMedia's expertise as a Canadian data
aggregator and their robust & dynamic financial solutions
We were most impressed by QuoteMedia's advanced
technology and responsiveness to our goals
With Quotestream, people can easily stay connected to
critical financial information and stock market activity
QuoteMedia has shown us tremendous dedication and
top quality service
Quotestream gives the freedom to retrieve stock market info
and execute a trade whether at the office or on the road.
QuoteMedia's applications deliver the best possible info
for our brokers to properly serve our diverse clientele
QuoteMedia's financial data solutions provide the vital
info our clients need to achieve success in the markets
We chose QuoteMedia because of their proven performance
and the coverage and depth of their data
QuoteMedia's solutions have proven to be ideally
suited to the needs of our clients.

Web Content Solutions

An extensive array of dynamic financial information that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing web presence.

Web content solutions feature dynamically updating modules including Stock Quotes, Charts and Analytics, News and Filings, Fundamentals, Investor Relations, Web Portfolios and much more.
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Data Feeds and APIs

Real-time streaming data feeds from financial markets around the world delivered with speed, quality and reliability.

Quotemedia's data feeds and web service APIs are built on a scalable system that aggregates, manages, and streams information from the stock exchanges, and from other information and content feeds.
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Quotestream Suite

Real-time streaming portfolios, Tick-by-tick market data accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Quotestream Suite is available to subscribed users without needing to download anything to your desktop or laptop computer. Look for Quotestream under Apple's iTunes or Google's Playstore.
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