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Data Feeds and Financial Data APIs

Streaming Data Feeds

Low Latency, Reliable Data to Power your Systems

QuoteMedia's Streaming Data Feed is a powerful enterprise level streaming market data solution. Data streams are tick-by-tick and available in real-time or delayed. Data is normalized for ease of use, and fully optimized to ensure single digit millisecond performance.  Read More

On Demand JSON Data Delivery

Power your Javascript or Web-based Products

We also deliver market data and research in our JSON Financial Data APIs. This allows you to easily integrate our data into your web products. For javascript developers, JSON is natively supported and pluggable into AJAX for dynamically updating HTML5 applications.  Read More

On Demand XML Data Services

Real-Time, Delayed or End of Day XML Feeds

QuoteMedia provides XML Market Data APIs for quotes, fundamentals, options, filings, news, research, analytics and more. Simply formatted and delivered over the web, XML calls are query based, rather than streaming, so you only receive the data you need when you need it.  Read More

Web Services API

Web Services API delivered via JSON REST

QuoteMedia's API allows you to easily manage and create end user accounts for access to real-time data. The API also provides you the ability to edit, delete and create portfolio entries. This is ideal for financial platforms needing to integrate user creation and portfolio management.  Read More

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