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Stock and Market Alerts

Customized and Branded Stock Market Alerts

QuoteMedia offers a comprehensive array of advanced investment alerts that users can easily set up to automatically monitor the stock market and protect their portfolios.

Users can receive alerts to their desktop, tablet or mobile phone,informing them of a wide variety of market activities for global equities, such as:

52 Week High/Low - where the user is notified if a symbol trades at its highest or lowest price for the previous 52 week period.

Volume Alert – where a user can choose to be notified when the number of shares traded reach the user's predetermined threshold.

Price Quote Alert – where a user can elect to be notified if a symbol trades above or below a chosen price.

Price Change Alert – where a user is notified when a stock price changes by a selected dollar value or a set percentage.

News Alert – where a user is notified when a news story is issued for a given symbol.

Filings Alert – where a user is notified of new filings for the selected symbol.

Users can even elect to receive an End of Day Summary Alert, where they are sent a summary of the day's trading for the selected symbol at the end of each market day.

Our Stock Alerts service can be custom branded and embedded in your existing website to ensure that your users will not be caught unawares as major developments are unfolding regarding their investments.

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