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Streaming Data Feeds and Data APIs

Low Latency Streaming Real-Time Data

QuoteMedia’s Data Feed is a comprehensive, ultra-low latency, tick-by-tick enterprise level streaming market data solution. QuoteMedia’s Data Feed has been benchmarked as one of the fastest data streams in the industry, with all sources of latency removed and data processing fully optimized to ensure single digit millisecond performance. State of the art technology delivers normalized data from all North American exchanges with ultra-low latency, complete redundancy, and superior accuracy and reliability.

QuoteMedia’s Data Feed contains complete coverage of all North American Exchanges and ECNs, including equities, options, futures, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and indices. The data streams are tick-by-tick, in real-time or delayed, and completely normalized for ease of use. Supplemental fundamental, historical, and analytical data is also available, keyed to the same symbology for a complete market data solution.

QuoteMedia offers flexible delivery options, including TCP or UDP protocols, dedicated line or Internet delivery, and compressed or uncompressed data streams. We have developed extremely easy to use interfaces and messaging formats, and a variety of connectivity methods.

Speed, quality and reliability are of utmost importance. QuoteMedia Data Feed services are best-of-breed in terms of lowest latency, accuracy, and superior service. QuoteMedia’s ticker plants are fully redundant, with isolated access points in New York, New Jersey, and Vancouver, Canada. Automatic failover within each access point is fully supported.

QuoteMedia has performed strenuous load testing to ensure consistent speed and accuracy at all times, including peak market conditions. Zero data loss and zero speed differentiation were achieved during simulations in which messages from all exchanges were accelerated to over 5,000,000 messages per second per server.

QuoteMedia allows clients to choose as much or as little data as they require for their specific needs. QuoteMedia Data Feed has over 100 discrete data channels that can be readily accessed, and special custom feed configurations make data sourcing simple as well as cost effective. QuoteMedia can provide complete tick-by-tick, or moderated/aggregated data to suit client requirements.

QuoteMedia has also developed short-term data recovery systems in case of client failure. Each QuoteMedia Data Feed channel provides a rollback buffer to recapture any missed data, and also provides continuous full refresh records to ensure complete and accurate data recovery.

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