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Market Movers

Who is Moving the Market?

QuoteMedia's Market Movers widgets provide the current list of companies that are achieving the highest or lowest swings in the current day.

The list of Market Movers is available for all US Exchanges, Canadian Exchanges and the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Users can look at the movers for Market Hours, Pre Market, or After Market.

Market Movers data includes:

  • Volume Actives – largest volume of shares traded
  • Percent Gainers – largest percent increase in stock price
  • Percent Losers – largest percent decrease in stock price
  • Dollar Gainers – largest increase in stock price
  • Dollar Losers – largest decrease in stock price
  • 52 Week Highs - stocks hitting their 52 week high
  • 52 Week Lows - stocks hitting their 52 week low

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