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QuoteMedia Client Testimonials

Building lasting relationships by providing excellence in quality and service for the Fintech Industry.

We are extremely excited to be adding QuoteMedia solutions to our growing array of value added services for listed companies. We designed TSX InfoSuite in response to customer feedback about their unique information needs and requirements. We value QuoteMedia's expertise as a Canadian data aggregator and their robust and dynamic financial solutions, which is why TSX decided to partner with them on this value-added initiative for our issuers.
Toronto Stock Exchange VP, Ungad Chadda

We are very proud that NASDAQ has chosen QuoteMedia. NASDAQ providing access to more than 3,250 securities, including more than 230 participating market makers, and with its website attracting such large numbers of daily visitors, the depth and quality of the market data on NASDAQ.com is critical.
QuoteMedia CEO, Dave Shworan

BMO InvestorLine is focused on delivering forward thinking tools and features to empower investors to make more informed decisions. We have active and high-frequency traders seeking advanced trading platform capabilities and QuoteMedia has the technology and platform ideally suited to meet these needs. We are very happy to be partnering with QuoteMedia to bring these capabilities to our investors.
BMO InvestorLine Product Strategy Director, David McGann

We have been extremely impressed with QuoteMedia. The seamless integration of QuoteMedia's technologies into our trading platform enhanced our client offerings instantly. We were especially pleased with QuoteMedia's ability and willingness to incorporate our suggestions when tailoring the products to meet our needs. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible trading technologies, and QuoteMedia's innovative solutions have enabled us to continue toward this goal.
Regal Securities CEO, Robert Villaflor

With thousands of member companies and organizations depending on Business Wire to transmit their full-text news releases and multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, in or services, and the general public worldwide, it is vital that we provide the best possible analytical market data content to our clients. We were impressed with the quality of QuoteMedia's products, the depth of their market coverage, and particularly the level of support they provide. QuoteMedia has shown us tremendous dedication and top quality service since day one, and we look forward to the improvement in our client offerings.
Business Wire President, Cathy Baron Tamraz

Partnering with QuoteMedia on TMX PowerStream allows us to provide our diverse set of capital markets information directly to the end user, which completes the final mile in the market data delivery chain.

Our decision to select QuoteMedia was based on their ability to provide a broad range and depth of information in a fully hosted managed solution. QuoteMedia worked hard alongside our web and data quality experts to meet our objectives and the exchange-level standards we set for this project, which involved a high degree of custom development work.
TMX Datalinx President, Eric Sinclair

The timeliness, immediacy and reliability of our data provider are absolutely critical. We tested several data feeds extensively, and chose QuoteMedia because of their proven performance and the coverage and depth of their data. They have everything we were looking for. QuoteMedia have been extremely responsive to our requests, and they worked closely with us to make any development-related changes that we required.
Schaeffer's Investment Research CTO, Tony Arnett

As an advanced-technology securities brokerage firm, we are committed to giving our customers the best possible tools to assist them in achieving success in their trading strategies. We conducted extensive research, and QuoteMedia's solutions have proven to be ideally suited to the needs of our clients, and to our focus on low cost, cutting-edge technology and best possible executions.
ChoiceTrade Founder and CEO, Neville Golvala

By fully integrating the QMod suite of market data solutions into eOption Trader and eOption Mobile, we have taken eOption's platform to the next level. eOption's industry-low commission rates combined with state-of-the-art fintech gives traders the tools necessary to expand their ability to evaluate market opportunities.
eOption President, Shawn Herrin

By incorporating QuoteMedia's portfolio management solutions into our existing offerings, we are able to create a more robust and dynamic offering while expanding the depth of market data content made available to our clients and their customers. With QuoteMedia's superior technologies in place, our clients are better able to provide the timely, in-depth market information their customers require.
Broadridge Financial Solutions

It is vital that we provide the best possible financial information and analytical market data content to educate and empower our audience. QuoteMedia has been a joy to work with. Their broad array of accurate, timely market data and information content is remarkable, and the functionality and ease of integration of their content applications made them a clear choice for our online platforms. Most impressive of all, though, was the level of service they provide. QuoteMedia really went above and beyond to ensure we were able to meet our goals.
The Motley Fool Global Tech and Operations Lead, Mark Kennedy

Working with QuoteMedia has been one of the most enjoyable professional experiences that my team and I have had the opportunity to enjoy over the course of the development and deployment of StocksToTrade. It is not only about the quality of the data provided, but also about the invaluable competence and professionalism offered by QuoteMedia's team when it comes to getting things done well and quickly. Their focus on customer satisfaction and excellence in service is second to none; rarely have I seen such dedication to pleasing a customer. QuoteMedia is not simply a data provision service with high quality and reliable real-time data streams, it's a data partner who worked relentlessly with us to in order to accommodate our every need, a partner who was flexible and worked around a budget while providing the best bang for the buck.
StocksToTrade CTO, Jamil Ben Alluch

In our business, instantaneous access to reliable market data is mission critical. We have been continually impressed with QuoteMedia's Quotestream Professional application and the quality of its customer service. Quotestream Pro is an affordable solution that provides our investment professionals consistent access to the information they need. Their account managers are always highly responsive and personable – the service quality far exceeds our experience with QuoteMedia's competitors. QuoteMedia is the clear choice for excellent value and superior service.
M | Partners Inc. CFO, Sean Milne

QuoteMedia has been an excellent provider for our company, supplying our brokers with reliable and extensive stock quotes and research platforms. By providing comprehensive up-to-the-second market data and research information, QuoteMedia's applications deliver the best possible information for our brokers to properly serve our diverse clientele. QuoteMedia has done all this while saving our company a very significant amount of money over our prior vendor. Thank you, QuoteMedia!
First Financial Equity Corporation President, George Fischer

Working with QuoteMedia has been a dream come true. In choosing a provider of data for our index, we needed a firm that had the ability to deliver from a wide range of sources. QuoteMedia checked all the boxes and our experience to date has been excellent. Their new QMod platform looks great straight out of the box and where we have needed customization, the QuoteMedia team has been excellent in helping our development team achieve our objectives. I can say with complete sincerity that the team at QuoteMedia has been incredibly accommodating and we look forward to working with them for quite some time.
LD Micro Index, David Scher

Our member organizations rely extensively on real-time market data and research information for portfolio management and institutional trading & analytics. This is why we partnered with QuoteMedia for their Quotestream Professional solution which provides reliable, user friendly, portable and cost effective access to the critical market information IIAC members require. Including QuoteMedia as a partner in our Member Savings Program demonstrates our commitment to help members access the tools they need to succeed.
Investment Industry Association of Canada Managing Director, Jack Rando

H.D. Vest needed the best possible integrated financial data solutions for our Advisors to access a wide array of analytical market data. We were particularly impressed with QuoteMedia's tremendous range of market data and applications, the ease and speed of implementation, and especially QuoteMedia's flexibility in working with us to produce customized systems to meet our needs.
H.D. Vest President, Roger Ochs

We are expanding into new markets, and we like the range and quality of data that QuoteMedia is able to provide. QuoteMedia's service and follow-up has been excellent, and they have truly exceeded our expectations.
Oswald Financial Executive VP, David M. Kulchar

It is vital that we meet the needs of our clients by obtaining the best possible financial data solutions, and QuoteMedia has proven to be the ideal choice. Our goal was to work with a single market data provider for all of our financial information requirements. We were attracted not only by QuoteMedia's ability to provide a tremendous range of real-time and delayed market data products, but also QuoteMedia's flexibility in working with us to produce customized systems to meet our needs, and those of our clients.
Fiserv Securities VP Product Development, Robert Forker

Our decision to contract QuoteMedia went beyond the fact that they were able to provide the broad range and depth of market data we were looking for, with applications and delivery technologies ideally suited to our needs. QuoteMedia's attention to detail and responsiveness have been outstanding throughout this process, and we are very happy to be working with them.
WebFinance (InvestorGuide) CEO, Thomas Murcko

We chose QuoteMedia to provide financial information on our clients, because their format is easy to read and use and they have a history of excellent service.
Aurelius Consulting Group President, Dave Gentry
(Aurelius Consulting Group is now RedChip)

In today's demanding quick self serving economy, customers expect to have access to any information they want or need. We are proud of our site and the ability for users to use all the tools, it creates a 'stickiness' to our site that would not have occurred using boring static information. QuoteMedia's technologies have given us an edge over our competitors. We always get great feedback when talking with potential clients. Thank You QuoteMedia!
Forbes.com VP & GM of Operations, Mike Smith

As a provider of advanced web based trading technology, our clients depend on us to connect with the fastest and most reliable market data available. Since 2011, QuoteMedia's data has always been dependable and always at the top of our list for new trading platform implementations.
CEO of ETNA, Roman Zhukov

In choosing QuoteMedia, we were impressed by the fact that they were able to provide the broad range and depth of market data we were looking for, with a level of customizability that ensured seamless integration. It was QuoteMedia’s attention to detail and responsiveness, however, that have been most remarkable throughout the deployment process, and we are very happy to be working with them.
Managing Director of SmallCapPower.com, Vishy Karamadam

Brokers and investors need a way to stay connected to the market regardless of where they are. With QuoteMedia's data feeds powering our new native apps, we can deliver this access with a rich user experience and provide the high quality, immediate market data and valuable analytics they need. Combining outstanding responsiveness and attention to detail, QuoteMedia provides comprehensive low latency market data and delivery technologies that are ideally suited to our needs.
Founder of iVerit Inc, Michael Iver

To enable our clients to minimize risk, Virtual Brokers focuses on providing timely market information, in-depth analysis, research and commentary. QuoteMedia's financial data solutions are ideally suited to the needs of our clients, providing the vital information they need to achieve success in the markets.
Kambiz Vatan-Abadi, Chief Innovation Officer, CI Investments
(Virtual Brokers is now CI Financial)

We wanted to find a replacement service for our clients that could meet or exceed the functionality they currently enjoy, and we wanted to ensure that the transition would be as seamless as possible. We are confident with the technological capabilities of QuoteMedia's Quotestream application, as well as their well-earned reputation for excellence in customer service and flexibility in meeting their clients' needs. It was clear to us that QuoteMedia is best able to serve our mobile customers well into the future.
President / CEO of Stockgroup Media Inc, Elliott Lipsey

As a leading provider of investment analysis and research, we need the most reliable and comprehensive real-time market data to help our clients successfully manage their portfolios. We conducted an extensive survey of available solutions, and were most impressed by QuoteMedia's advanced technology and responsiveness to our goals.
Zacks Director of Product Development, Jason Kissinger

We were looking for the best possible integrated financial data solutions to meet the needs of our brokers and correspondent firms, and we chose QuoteMedia. The range of high quality but cost-effective content, its ease of integration and accessibility, and the responsiveness of the people at QuoteMedia have impressed us. QuoteMedia's solutions certainly helped us achieve our goal to provide the best possible service for our brokers and financial advisors, as well as their clients.
SWS Executive VP and CIO, Norman Thompson
(SWS is now Hilltop Securities)

We have been very impressed by QuoteMedia's focus on unmatched customer service, technological excellence and depth of coverage. QuoteMedia's leading edge solutions are enabling us to provide timely, in-depth market information our clients require.

By incorporating QuoteMedia's market solutions into our new platform, we are able to create a particularly powerful array of investment tools for our clients. With QuoteMedia's superior streaming technologies and breadth of data coverage, we are able to give our clients the vital in-depth market information they need for effective analysis and decision making.
JitneyTrade President and CEO, Francesco Pasin

Stirlingshire is dedicated to innovation, and QuoteMedia’s leading edge offerings are a perfect fit with our goals. Our clientele quite justifiably expects best-in-class products and services from us, and the platform is receiving rave reviews. QuoteMedia's applications and delivery technologies provide up-to-the-second market data and research information, and ensure our correspondent brokers and their customers are able to identify and capitalize on great investment opportunities.
Stirlingshire’s Founder & CEO, Steven Woods

We switched to Quotestream Professional, and the transition has been a great success. Quotestream provides the speed, reliability, depth of market coverage, price and service that we were looking for.

The solution, along with the customer service, has been excellent.
Brean Capital Director of Technology, Fulvio Mazza

Here at Smarsh, we are dedicated to providing quality content to the financial advisor. QuoteMedia worked with us to produce customized financial data solutions to meet our clients expectations and enhance the online experience for their existing and prospective customers. We are proud to be working with such an exceptional content provider, and are continually impressed by their commitment to outstanding customer service.
Smarsh Director of Web Services, Dennis Fox

We're excited to introduce this market-leading capability to our clients. Providing real-time financial information and portfolio management with integrated trade execution, demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients meet their goals. We conducted extensive research to find the most advanced and complete solution that could be fully integrated with our trading platform. QuoteMedia's technology provides the best solutions to our clients' needs.
Scotiabank Direct Investing

We are proud to offer tools like this to help support the growth of listed companies. It's important that our issuers have access to all relevant data as we see increasing diversity in trading strategies and participants.
TSX Venture Exchange President, John McCoach

With Quotestream, investors have wireless access to important market data applications that enable them the freedom to retrieve stock market information and the capability to execute a trade whether at the office or on the road. Quotestream caters not only to individual investors, but can also increase productivity and enhance client service for financial professionals on the go.
Blackberry VP Corporate Marketing, Mark Guibert

We received tremendous demand from our customers for a streaming real time market data service to augment our news and analysis, and particularly a service that is accessible not only through a desktop application, but wirelessly as well. We approached QuoteMedia to collaborate with us in developing this service, and we couldn't be more satisfied. QuoteMedia has worked with us from the beginning to ensure our needs are met, and their industry leading desktop and wireless solutions ensure that our customers have access to vital real-time market data from anywhere, anytime.
Midnight Trader, Inc. President, Brooks McFeely

With our core market of business professionals across North America, it is vital that we continue to execute our strategy of providing 'Best in Class' programming to our viewers. QuoteMedia provides Captivate with timely, reliable and key information about business and financial markets, which compliments our business coverage. We were impressed with the quality of QuoteMedia's market coverage, their technological strength and particularly the level of support they provide. QuoteMedia has worked with us to ensure we are providing our viewers with the most up to date financial information possible.
Captivate Network President and GM, Mike DiFranza

Our exhaustive search for the best provider of integrated financial content and streaming financial data solutions for our clients led us directly to QuoteMedia. QuoteMedia's uniquely customizable technology and extensive market data feature-set enables us to provide a fully integrated broker workstation and market data terminal to brokers and financial advisors. With QuoteMedia's superior technology in place, our clients can more effectively cater to their existing customers and attract new ones.
SunGard President, Terry Thorsen
(SunGard is now FIS)

Customers are demanding more. The addition of QuoteMedia's streaming financial technologies gives us a competitive advantage over other online trading platforms. Traders today need the latest innovations in tools and technologies, and QuoteStream offers a cost effective, unique, Web delivered, real-time trading application. QuoteMedia's embedded, Web-based architecture provided a simple and seamless integration into our existing systems and databases. Our clients love it.
Qtrade Financial Group CEO, Aldo Pippo

Through partnering with QuoteMedia, we are pleased to now provide our issuers, investors, and market participants with an enhanced depth of timely market information.
NASDAQ Transaction Services

We chose QuoteMedia as a partner in this venture because of their outstanding reputation for delivering high quality, real time market data through their own software and database applications, and because of their commitment to exceptional customer service throughout this process.
Managing Director of Intrinsic Research, Dave Hargett

People are increasingly relying on mobile devices to keep them connected to important information and services, from sending and receiving business email, finding restaurants, and tracking diets to receiving personal financial alerts like stock market data. Partners like QuoteMedia take people beyond email and business productivity on their devices to a complete experience for their work and personal lives. With Quotestream Mobile, people can easily stay connected to critical financial information and stock market activity wherever they are.
Microsoft Group Product Manager, Chris Hill

By combining QuoteMedia's comprehensive data and research coverage, as well as the educational and networking capabilities available from our instructors and the Warrior Trading community, we are truly able to provide our trading students with the best path to success. QuoteMedia has been a great partner and wonderful to work with. They have shown a real commitment to meeting our needs. We are also very pleased with the quality, coverage, and particularly the stability, of their products.
Warrior Trading CTO, Bill Scanlin

QuoteMedia is truly able to offer us the data and news that we need in a manner that perfectly matches our business model and requirements. The QuoteMedia team provides unbelievable service and support as we continue to develop and grow our relationship moving forward. The fact that the QMod widgets are designed to be responsive - automatically optimizing the display depending on the specific device a visitor uses to access the site – is a huge benefit for us, as so much of our audience views our website on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
Midam Ventures LLC (StockMarket.com) President, Adam Heimann

QuoteMedia offered a single point of contact for a diverse array of content, ranging from price quotes, reference and fundamental data. Comtex was able to quickly sample and trial different APIs, usually provisioned same day. QuoteMedia was solely focused on making sure Comtex had whatever data they needed to keep development moving and help Comtex verify the data fit the need. QuoteMedia acted as a true partner when it came to commercial terms and never let a commercial concern hamper project development.
Comtex President and CEO, Kan Devnani