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Fundamentals and Financials

Ever Expanding Global Fundamentals Coverage

QuoteMedia has a complete coverage of Fundamentals for US, Canada, and London. We are currently adding coverage for dozens of other global markets. Please Contact Us as we are always adding data.

Fundamentals and Financials data is available in QuoteMedia's XML and JSON services, and in all Web Content Solutions and Applications.

Balance Sheets

  • Assets
    • Cash and Equivalents
    • Marketable Securities
    • Receivables
    • Invetories
    • Other Current Assets
    • Total Current Assets
    • Gross Fixed Assets
    • Accumulated Depreciation
    • Net Fixed Assets
    • Intangibles
    • Other Non-Current Assets
    • Total Non-Current Assets
    • Total Assets
  • Liabilities
    • Accounts Payable
    • Short Term Debt
    • Other Current Liabilities
    • Total Current Liabilities
    • Long Term Debt
    • Deferred Income Tax
    • Other Non-Current Liabilities
    • Minority Interest
    • Total Non-Current Liabilities
    • Total Liabilities
    • Preferred Stock Equity
    • Common Stock Equity
    • Total Equity
    • Total Liability & Stock Equity

Income Statements

  • Income
    • Operating Revenue
    • Adjustments to Revenue
    • Cost of Revenue
    • Gross Operating Profit
    • Selling/General/Admin Expense
    • Research & Development
    • EBITDA
    • Depreciation & Amortization
    • EBIT
    • Interest Income
    • Other Income, Net
    • Tot Inc. Avail for Interest Expense
    • Interest Expense
    • Pre-Tax Income
    • Income Taxes
    • Minority Interest
    • Net Income from Cont Operations
    • Net Inc from Discont Operations
    • Net Income from Total Operations
    • Normalized Income
    • Extraordinary Income
    • Special Income/Charges
    • Income from Cumulative Effect of Account Change
    • Income from Tax Loss Carry Fwd.
    • Other Gains
    • Total Net Income
  • Results
    • Dividends Paid Per Share
    • Preferred Dividends
    • Basic EPS from Cont. Operations
    • Basic EPS from Disc Operations
    • Basic EPS from Total Operations
    • Dilute EPS from Cont. Operations
    • Diluted EPS from Discontinued Operations
    • Diluted EPS from Total Operations

Cash Flow

  • Cash from Operating Activities
    • Net Income
    • Depreciation & Amortization
    • Deferred Income Taxes
    • Operating Losses
    • Extraordinary Losses
    • Decrease in Receivables
    • Decrease in Inventories
    • Decrease in Other Current Assets
    • Increase in Payables
    • Increase in Other Current Liabilities
    • Decrease in Other Working Capital
    • Other Non-Cash Items
    • Net Cash from Continuing Operations
    • Net Cash from Discontinued Operations
    • Net Cash from Operating Activities
  • Cash from Investing Activities
    • Sale of Property, Plant, Equipment
    • Sale of Short Term Investments
    • Purchase of Property, Plant, Equipment
    • Acquisitions
    • Purchase of Short Term Investments
    • Other Investment Changes, Net
    • Net Cash from Investing Activities
  • Cash from Financing Activities
    • Issuance of Debt
    • Issuance of Capital Stock
    • Repayment of Debt
    • Repurchase of Capital Stock
    • Payment of Cash Dividends
    • Other Financial Charges, Net
    • Net Cash from Financing Activities
  • Net Cash Flow
    • Effect of Exchange Rate Changes
    • Net Change in Cash & Equivalents
    • Cash at Beginning of Period
    • Cash at End of Period

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