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QuoteMedia Data Feed Products

Data Feed Raw

Compressed/Uncompressed, TCP/UDP, ASCII, Realtime/Delayed

This feed operates at the lowest level of the feed stack, providing a lightweight, simple, consolidated view of raw exchange feeds. No additional processing of data is done other than normalization into a single message format. This feed can be taken via TCP or Multicast, compressed or uncompressed, and in ASCII or binary format. Internet delivery is possible for small datasets but dedicated lines are recommended for large datasets, multiple channels.

Data Feed Plus

Compressed/Uncompressed, TCP/UDP, Binary, Realtime/Delayed

Providing all raw exchange data points plus additional derived data in real-time or delayed, this feed provides it all. Additional data points include price data such as open, high, low, close, change, and volume, along with bar intervals, order book updates, market stats, and other value-add information. This feed is available through a modern easy-to-use API that returns binary data over TCP or multicast connections. Optional client-side libraries in Java and .Net are available for fast integration, testing, and use.

Data Feed Select

Uncompressed, TCP, Binary, Realtime/Delayed

Similar to Data Feed Plus, this feed allows clients to selectively subscribe to subsets of symbols and message types using QuoteMedia’s Data Feed client side libraries. This is a good fit for clients who don’t need entire market places in a central place but either want a limited set of data for internal use or for direct distribution to end users. In this use case, QuoteMedia client libraries can be directly embedded in end user applications or browsers (using our JavaScript library) and QuoteMedia can even act as Vendor-Of-Record (VOR) depending upon needs.


XML (Extensible Markup Language)

XML real-time or delayed market data feeds pre-formatted for client implementation. XML is a cross-platform, independent language for distributing data in a universal data format via the Internet. QuoteMedia’s XML feeds are polled, or query based, rather than streaming.


End of Day XML for each Exchange

XML end of day data is available via QuoteMedia’s EOD XML feed. XML calls can be performed nightly for each exchange, updating client databases easily and efficiently

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