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QuoteMedia Data Feed Services

Speed - Quality - Reliability - Flexibility - Coverage - Service

QuoteMedia’s Data Feed provides unsurpassed data service to clients with a multitude of benefits that make it unrivaled in the market data industry.

Low Latency Market Data

QuoteMedia offers ultra-low latency data delivery from the Exchanges. With our state of the art hardware and optimized software, clients can expect less than 1 millisecond of latency introduced by our data normalization process, from the time the data is received by QuoteMedia’s server system, until the time the data leaves the server.

Complete Coverage

QuoteMedia provides comprehensive real-time coverage of North American markets (USA and Canada), LSE, and international indices and currencies. QuoteMedia’s Data Feed incorporates data such as: SIAC data, including NYSE and AMEX; NASDAQ data, including OTC, Level II and TotalView; TSX data including MarketDepth for TSX and TSXV; ECNs; NYMEX; COMEX; CME; and all OPRA feeds, including all regional options exchanges. Delayed or End-of-Day data from virtually all global markets is also available. View more about QuoteMedia Data Coverage.

Supplemental data

Additinal data is also available, including fundamental, historical, analytical, and research data, all keyed to the same symbology. QuoteMedia is a single-source provider of comprehensive market data solutions.

Tick-By-Tick Data

Normalized real-time and delayed tick-by-tick data streams are available. Moderated/aggregated data streams are also available.

Quality Data

Quality is essential in data provisioning. Our data comes directly from the exchanges. During the normalization process, data anomalies are flagged and managed accordingly, ensuring optimal data integrity.

Multiple delivery options

TCP or UDP protocols, dedicated line or Internet delivery, and compressed or uncompressed data streams are available.


QuoteMedia systems are fully redundant, including mirrored facilities in New York, New Jersey and Vancouver, with automatic fail-over and 24 hour monitoring.


Our systems are designed around feed stability and redundancy, for complete dependability. We 'uptime' guarantee it.

Data Buffering and Replay

Clients have the ability to reconnect and retrieve any missing or lost data in the case of client-side data losses and outages.

Fast Implementation

Quick and easy is our focus for our customers. QuoteMedia can provide a String Readable data format - a text-based, human readable format. This format enhances ease of implementation by the client’s technical team as they will not have to deal with difficult data formatting.

Simple Data Compression and Decompression

Decompression is done on the client-side using industry standard data decompression techniques such as GZIP/deflate. Our proprietary compression technology allows simple decompression, and clients are not forced to use special APIs or costly infrastructure.

Easy Data Management

With extremely user-friendly interfaces, simple messaging formats, and straightforward connectivity, your developers will be very impressed with QuoteMedia’s Data Feed services.

Service and More Service

Service is our top priority. We fully support our Data Feed products, and will assist in any way to help with implementation. QuoteMedia has a well-deserved reputation for superior customer service and attentiveness to customer needs.

Contact Us

We would love to discuss QuoteMedia Data Solutions with you. If you have any questions or you would like a demo, please reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you.